Privacy Policy

Tagwitty uses your personal information, but we respect your privacy. The personal information you submit to us is governed by the following terms and conditions. By accepting this privacy policy you agree to the manner and scope of the collection, storage and use of tour personal information with us.

1.When you sign up with Tagwitty you may be required to submit your personal information such as your name, address, contact details, e-mail address, telephone number etc. This information you share with us, unless otherwise indicated, may be publically visible. Thus, any information you choose not to share must be expressly marked as “private” where our system allow you to make such a choice. 

2. You agree that while certain information may be provided by you, Tagwitty may receive personal information pertaining to you from other sources, such as your friend, their pages, their uploads and like and unless otherwise removed, such information may be publically visible on Tagwitty page. 

3. You agree that the information provided by you may be used by Tagwitty for following purposes amongst others:

a. To provide effective services and customer support.

b. To keep our product and service safe and secure.

c. To customized or improve our service and to provide quality and advertising, relevant to your needs.

d. To connect you for improvements, updating or creation of our own new product and service.

e. To connect you for and in relation to sale of third party product and services.

f. To resolve disputes and to share with any authority for the purposes of any resolving any legal issue or in response to any legal requirement by any court or other authority.

g. To share information with other third parties with whom you have consented such sharing of information.

h. To share with our own subsidiaries, partnerships or other concerns which have interests in Tagwitty.

4. Tagwitty may access and set cookies in your system to customize our service, content and advertising; measure promotional effectiveness, and promote trust and safety. 

5. Your password is your sensitive personal information and we do not disclose your password to anyone. However, Tagwitty does not assume responsibility for any hacked passwords. Thus, if you share your password or your personal information with other, or your account is hacked, you are responsible for all actions taken in the name of your account. If you lose control of your password, you may lose substantial control over your personal information and may be subject to legally binding actions taken on your behalf. Therefore, if your password has been compromised for any reason, you should immediately notify Tagwitty and change your password. 

6. The information you post on Tagwitty is protected through secured servers hosted at We at Tagwitty have adopted highest standards of security and encryption techniques to protect your sensitive information. However, in case any personal information belonging to you is accessed by unlawful interference or circumvention by third party, Tagwitty does not assume any liability with respect to the same. 

7. This policy is not exhaustive and may be amended from time to time. However before any substantive rights of yours are materially altered in any way by any such change. We’ll notify you in advance on the e-mail address provided by you or displaying such changes on our website. 

8. You agree that you have carefully gone through this policy and have read and understood that contents thereof before using our product and services.